Friday, 11 November 2011

steve's jellyfish

let's cut what I know's coming, and say hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)

So inevitably I have survived the first colossal months of Year 9- rarghhhhh monster Jasmine. And it's opened my eyes un peu or beaucoup. Never in my life have I had so much homework in which I (the student) actually had to think (and no I am not stretching it, believe me).

Education is very strange in England, it's very difficult to define hence the lack of news reports, documentaries and other things of that sort. I don't know what it's like to go to school in the U.S but for one thing I know there are many critics of the system: the supposedly strangely similar Western social hierarchy that exists within schools  depicted in movies, magazines etc., the security system for the teachers which I heard about in 'Waiting for Superman', the blatant discrimination and the just-so attitude that constantly seems to be depicted everywhere- now I don't know whether it's true or not, all I'm saying is that is portrayed as many things.

I recently watched a documentary about education with an American focus, the documentary aimed to show how everything that was taught in schools was eventual preparation for university and therefore schools, governments etc. subliminally put the message across that university is the key to succeeding and that you have little chance without it. The documentary is called College Conspiracy for any of you who are mildly interested, I didn't finish it as I had too much homework but what I saw of it was quite interesting. I don't know what I particularly think of going to university I'm not dead set on it because I'm not exactly sure what I want to do when I'm older but I know I'm interested in Anthropology and Ethnography so maybe I should go? I don't think studying and listening to seminars is really my forte though, but who knows it could be. I am writing and reading all the time after all.

But I'm really interested in getting into the minds of people and knowing why they do the things the do and how their lives, their ancestors have affected this- I find it so fascinating how life can literally be classified as a domino effect.

I found myself dumbfounded by the Human Planet documentary, I could only find clips as by the time I found out about it, the series on TV had ended. I just knew instantly that that was where my calling was and that was my purpose. I wanted to pick Sociology at GCSE for one of my three option choices but not enough people wanted to do it (story of my life I believe) but I believe everything happens for a reason and I am certain that had a reason. Instead of picking Sociology I had to change to French. Language always seemed to bore me, before Year 9 but once I started my GCSE course I started to love French and my passion with language (whether said language be English or NOT). So in the end I took: Modern World History, Drama and French- it sounds really quite cool and avant-garde (I literally can't stop laughing whenever I see this word) when you look at it and sometimes it can be, but sometimes it can be draining, confusing and make you want to half-smile all at the same time, so I guess:

(Have you seen Amelie? If you not scuffle your keyboards as quickly as possible (french pronounciation) and buy, buy, buy now- why are you wasting your time reading this As-tu idiotes?*not that is probably not gramatically correct*)

So yep, I have posts coming many ideas spewing and brewing and all that witchcraft coming after I go to bed, then drama school, then home and thingmabob then youth club, then sleep, then wake then rest then work then Misfits, then school, then home. 
So approximately Monday at 5pm,
Don't be late!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

i'm not eating any cake, i just brushed my teeth.'

Hola! It has been a while, non!

So I have been kind of busy, firstly on 'camp' (notice the obligatory quote marks). When I say 'camp', I mean sleeping in beds, in a dorm, on a campsite. Wimpyish, as it may sound that is what yours truly did. And it was thoroughly enjoyable!

I came back yesterday and today, I had the unspeakable pleasure of visiting the Oxford St Topshop Sales (Silent Scream No. 1). I bought a couple of items which I would love to showcase to you in the video below:
*Sidenote: This is my first time making a haul video, so due to my despicable attention span, and desire to play games in my head while talking, this is nowhere near perfect butttttt,
'My gift is my gab and this one's for you........':

Randommmm Topshop Haul from Jasmine on Vimeo.

So basically this was the best take, twas annoying as my voice sounds so deep and you can hardly hear me in some sections,

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

the revolution will NOT BE TELEVISED.

A great man once sung 'picket lines and picket signs don't punish me with brutality.' As he sung it,  people across the world hummed to his sweet beckons, while their deep pains buried unconsciously within their soul resonated and were soothed by his dulcet yet moving words. Over four decades on and his song continues to soothe people's worry and somehow still remains to our frequently mercenary and unrelenting society.

Now, I don't often even dip my foot into this apocalyptic shiz but some of the scenes I have witnessed (via the comfort and safety of my televison) in the past few days seem reminiscent of all those increasingly popular movies that a fair amount of people consider crass and unlikely. What makes it worse I guess is the timing 2011 the lead-up year to the conspicuous, debated year of 2012.

Whoa, now wait a minute. Just to be clear I am not about to throw a bunch conspiracy jargon at you, TRUST ME. This post is nothing to do with that. 

Due to the undeniable timing of these multiple televised acts of human greed and revolt- I suspect towards the end of the year more of this pre-Apocalyptic jargon (previews, tv shows documentaries, maybe a movie) will be thrown at us and I am just tired of it.
Sometimes I feel like this idea an underground civilization undoubtedly distant from this brainwashing media and multiplying evil- is a good idea.

Of course, inevitably, over the course of time a new kind of media will be created within that civilization, out of interest, mystery and that over the course of time will be exactly the same or remarkably similar to what we currently have. SO that makes the media, the 'BIG' man seem inescapable. A sad truth or maybe reality. But I hope I'm wrong.

In case you haven't got my drift the 'unmistakeable evil' I'm refering to is the London Riots.
They've been going on for a couple of days and they've really made me think. What started off as a grieving family searching for the truth, turned into a greedy anarchism and as I'm writing I find it deeply disturbing. Not just what has been done, but what this could mean?

No, no this riot does not have any collective meaning. No reasoning, no cry for justice.
Yes a few reasons, have been thrown at us, from the people (as to why the riots may have begun):

AGE: 14-17
Reason: 'I'm tired of getting stopped and searched, for no reason apart from the clothes on my back and the colour of my skin. I'm tired of these stark stereotypes.'
My thoughts: Racial Profiling is evident within the world, therefore a certain percentage of it must be evident within the police force but the above reason that some people have given for the riots seem to be some of the more cleaner, eloquent and more well reasoned arguments. Though statistics can prove how much more likely it is for a black boy to get stopped than his white counterparts, I don't believe that this is a bigger issue than it was a couple of decades ago. From what I have seen from the documentaries and stories my dad has told me. Some black youths used to get stopped every single day and sometimes every single time they went out. This could be possible in this day and age but I don't think it is as frequent as some people would lead you to believe. Also I think that nowadays it is more to do with what you are attired in rather than the colour of your skin- picture this:
' Your a police sergeant and a couple of people have reported that their mobile phones have been stolen by someone within your parameters your job is to check the area for anyone suspicious there are two people lingering on the streets, they could be waiting for someone or waiting for their next victim.'
Which one would you stop and question:

Okay so maybe this is a stark comparison, in fact it IS. But nevertheless it still proves my point, that is not an excuse for looting and destroying people's/public property.
If this is a problem you want to combat instead of actually feeding the stereotype then how about actually doing something to prove them wrong. How about holding a conference where young, black males or said ethnicity are presenting their cases and breaking down the stereotype where it has stemmed from all the while proving that the way the dress, the colour of their skin and the way the speak does not always affect their suspected involvment in crime. Not only will this prove that young, black males are capable of such an admirable feat but it shall slowly deteriorate this stereotype in full.

AGE 14-17
Reason: This new government is cutting all of our funds just to get us out of the financial crisis. What are we supposed to do with our time. If they cut all of the funds for youth clubs etc. then that will just increase bad behaviour among us. I swear that they don't want us to do that in the first place. I'm confused I'm getting to many mixed messages. I might as well do this to show them a fraction of what will happen if they continue to cut our important funds.
My thoughts: This argument is one that is also close to my heart and one which I resonate with and understand  very much. Let me make clear that I do agree with part of this statement, I feel that the government are cutting too much at once and cutting it in the wrong places. While the may think that these things are less important they in fact can act as the fundamentals of our society when in crisis. Furthermore I really am at a loss for why Gordon Brown was getting so much slack while he was Prime Minister but now Cameron is off on his holiday he is not getting anything from the press nor does it seem he is re-assuring the public of their safety and it's importance  along with a couple of other things he ought to be doing. It's not good enough and furthermore I have never been a Tory fan, eurgghhh.

Last but not least:
Reason: 'We need to find out the truth about Mark Duggan's unexplained death, the police are concealing important information and it is important to the family that this is released even if it is only exclusive to them.'
My thoughts: I agree with this, and I'm not going to comment on the murder of Duggan because I feel that there are two many conflicting 'facts' and 'arguments' for me to give a fair opinion. I also do not like to talk about people only just after their death (only in exceptional circumstances). But what started off as a peaceful protest was turned into a disgusting anarchy of human greed and sin this must be the biggest insult of all to the family- I can't speak for them but I know if I was in the situation that it would be to me.

So to conclude I believe majority of the rioters are in fact just bored or greedy people that care more about themselves than the bigger cause at hand.
I don't think anyone's to blame for the riot's but I would most certainly see who would be the first to initiate an end to it, maybe it will be this woman, who knows......
WARNING: this video contains swearing, but nevertheless the truth.

this is no protest, in the words of Gil:
'the revolution will NOT BE TELEVISED.'